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Anern 5.5KW Lithium Battery Off-Grid Solar Systems in Cameroon

Project Name: Anern Lithium Battery Off-Grid 5.5KW solar system in Cameroon
Date:May, 2022
Project Type:Residential Solar Power System Project
Project Site:Cameroon
Quantity and specific configuration: 10pcs 350w poly solar panels, 1pcs AN-SCI02-PLUS-5.5kw solar inverter, 2pcs Wall-mounted LifePo4 Batteries, cables, racks, etc.
Description: It is a pilot residential solar project arranged for our Cameroonian dealer, a value-added, easy-to-install system. Thanks to this win-win cooperation, the homeowner gets rid of the power cut and surging electricity prices, strengthening our dealer’s confidence in marketing our solar systems.



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